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I charge by the piece for tattoos that can be finished in 1 or 2 sittings. I charge by an hourly rate for large tattoos that require 2 or more sessions. If you have a preference of hourly or flat rate price, let me know and we can work accordingly. 

California & other guest artist spots:

Since I have moved out of California and travel as a guest artists working from a waitlist of awesome clients, my new hourly rate is 185 cash (or 190 card) as a guest artist. 

For a limited time: If you have gotten tattooed by me in California and would like to travel to Portland, OR to get more work done, please reach out to me as I will work at my previous rate for clients traveling to me.

Portland, Oregon

Flatiron Tattoo

Books Open

Simi Valley

Simi Valley, California

Guest spot at

The Tattoo Room

Email me to get on waitlist for 2024.


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